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Over the past 16 years the Haysville Activity Center has grown into a full service Recreation Department. The City is building a new facility next to the pool at Clinton and Sarah Lane. The new facility will be funded without increasing the mill levy.






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Preliminary Project Budget


Benefits of the New Facility:
• Designated room for the Wellbeats program.
• Additional rooms/space for youth programs and facility rentals.
• An elevated walking track and cardio/weight room upstairs would provide separation for members from our other programs as well as increase the space for additional equipment.
•Central location of facility within the City would provide somewhere to go and do things within walking distance for the Community’s citizens.
•Restrooms could have more than one shower and a privacy wall.
•Full size gyms with adequate flooring.
•Volleyball nets could be used anytime.
•With two full size quality gyms our youth basketball teams could practice at our facility over the winter break weeks.
•Our adult volleyball and men’s basketball leagues could be played at our own facility.
•USD Breakfast/lunch program would be within walking distance for our summer camp program.
•New location would be adjacent to a section of the hike and bike paths.
•We would no longer need buses to get to the pool for our summer camp program.
•Summer camp participants would have ability to take swim lessons during the day.
•SPARK program would have close access/availability for its afterschool and summer programs.
•Phone line for pool could be tied into the new facility.
•Year round restrooms would be available for the sand volleyball court and splash pad.
•New location would be a central site in town not on a busy road.
•Additional rental space for Haysville’s residents that could be offered at extended hours.
•Direct access line for Wi-Fi in the City’s parks.
•Security cameras and new facility layout would allow for extended hours of walking track and weight/cardio room usage with less staff cost.
•Close proximity to tennis courts would allow for better usage of them for programs.
•Possible safe room.