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Planning Commission Members

Ward I

Tim Aziere - Chairperson - Subdivision Committee Representative

1306 Hannah Lane

(316) 529-3755

Tim has served on the Planning Commission for many years. He is currently serving as the Planning Commission Chairperson and as a member of the Subdivision Committee. Term Expires 4/16


Joe Holub

405 Mimosa Drive

(316) 655-5959

Joe received his bachelors in civil/mechanical engineering from Wichita State University. He has previously held positions on both the Haysville Planning Commission and the Haysville City Council. Term Expires 2/17


Ward II

Janet Parton - Vice Chairperson - Board of Zoning Appeals Representative

(316) 295-3694

Janet has served on the Planning Commission for a long time and is currently the Vice-Chairperson.  Janet has said, "One reason I serve is to help make sure that the Citizens' best interests are looked after in a fair and impartial manner.  I do this by following the many rules and regulations when change requests or plans are brought before the Planning Commission." Term Expires 4/16


Clay Randel

1206 E. Grand Avenue

(620) 441-3775

Clay is a graduate from Kansas State University, where he earned degrees in environmental science, fisheries, and natural resources. He worked for 19 years as head of the Water/Wastewater Department for Ark City Public Works. He recently moved to Haysville, and currntly works for KDHE in Wichita. Term Expires 2/17


Penny Rosendale

424 Hollywood Drive

(316) 524-4116

Term Expires 10/17


Ward III

Robert Wethington - Subdivision Committee Representative

309 W. 6th Street

(316) 524-7967

Bob has served on the Planning Commission for over three decades.  In that time he has held several roles on the Commission and is currently a member of the Subdivision Committee.  Bob has stated he, "likes the method the Haysville Planning Commission uses to comply with state requirements for various yearly reviews.  We assign each review a meeting, so that it is actually accomplished yearly". Term Expires 5/15


Debbie Coleman

 149 Wayne Avenue

Debbie is a life long resident of Haysville, and serves on the Historic Committee, HFI, and PRIDE. She feels that it is the duty of Haysville residents to become active in their town, and promote purposeful growth for Haysville in order to protect the interestes of its residents. Term Expires 8/16


Ward IV

Richard Meyer

214 Hungerford Avenue

(316) 522-6257

Richard served our Country in the United States Navy, received his B.S. from Kansas State University, and has special training in supervision, and accounting. He retired from the Q Corporation, where he served as controller, human resources manager, and as the computer systems administrator. Term Expires 2/17


Area of Influence

Bill Hancock

7845 S. Hillside Street

(316) 788-1113

A graduate from Fort Hays State University, Bill has served as Chair of the Haysville Planning Commission, Councilperson for the City of Haysville, and Comissioner for Sedgwick County. Term Expires 1/17